jagged mission or how to name your newbie travel blog

What the hell was I thinking? Jaggedmission? or should I space it out: Jagged Mission? Sounds like I’m climbing up a cliff face with the hopes of saving millions. Could I be that ambitious? Honestly, I’ve done worse. Maybe it’s time to pay for my sins. Jagged Mission stays.

Honestly, I got the idea after doing some quick research (obligatory google search). Two blogs popped up some interesting info: this one was very straightforward, this one left me pantsless, yet a little surer of my blog naming abilities.

Anyway, this is a travel blog. ‘Jagged’ for the flights of fancy with the errant sharp edge. ‘Mission’ for my personal growth so that I can possibly change the world.

I’m a newbie so try not to be gentle. And, welcome.


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